Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Upfocus! When you sign up for a new account, your list of customers is blank. After you import customers, you can start gathering feedback from them. Add your team members to gather their feedback as well. Then, you can generate dev ideas to address their feedback.

Getting Started

  1. Add team members
  2. Import your customers
  3. Get your team set up to share feedback via Slack
  4. Send your first product market fit survey

Getting Into The Focus Flow

After you create some of your initial items, you're ready to get a rhythm going. We call it the Focus Flow. The Focus Flow is a set of activities that you do on a cadence, similar to a sprint in Agile. It is based on the idea that priority is feedback driven. Companies discover priority from mining feedback from customers and coworkers. Feedback includes things like feature requests, complaints, app analytics reports, breaking news, and other ideas. Generally, the process is:

  1. You and your team will continuously gather feedback from customers and coworkers
  2. Once a sprint, you will:
    1. Group new feedback into topics
    2. Decide what you’re going to do about the topics
    3. Anything you plan to solve, you turn into dev ideas (one page business cases)
    4. Finally, you compare dev ideas and choose what you’re going to build next

Read An Introduction to the Focus Flow for more details.

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