Connect to Slack

Upfocus' Slack integration enables you and your team to:

  1. Add new suggestions from existing Slack messages, or from the Shortcut icon.
  2. Receive notifications of new suggestions, completed surveys, or new Dev Ideas in a channel of your choosing.

In order to use either of these features, you’ll first need to authenticate with your Slack workspace.


To use Upfocus with Slack, you’ll need to connect your Upfocus Product to the Upfocus Slack app.

First, navigate to the Manage Product view. It’s the gear icon in the main navigation:

Once you’re in the Manage Product view, click on “Integrations” and then “Add Integration”. You’ll see a Connect to Slack button in the next step:

When you click “Connect to Slack”, you’ll be prompted to install the Upfocus Slack app:

If you click “Allow”, you’ll be redirected back to Upfocus and successfully authenticated with Slack.

Add a Suggestion from Slack

Upfocus lets you add a suggestion from an existing Slack message, or add a suggestion from the Shortcut menu.

Important note: the first time you attempt to add a suggestion from Slack, you’ll be prompted by the Upfocus bot to authenticate your individual Upfocus account with Slack.

To add a suggestion from an existing Slack message, click on the triple dots to the right of the message and select “Save suggestion” from the message’s shortcuts:

Complete the modal that appears to save your suggestion:

If you’d like to add a suggestion that isn’t attached to a Slack message, you can do so from the Shortcuts menu:

Event Notifications

Upfocus currently supports sending Slack notifications for these events:

  1. Suggestion added.
  2. Product Survey completed.
  3. Dev Idea created.

We’d suggest piping all of them to an #upfocus channel, or sending the first two to a #feedback channel and the third to a #focus-flow channel.

Here is a preview of the notifications you might see:

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