Manage branding on survey and product boards

Your branding settings will impact the look of the views that your customers see. That includes:

  • Your PMF Survey
  • Your Public Boards
  • Your Email Notifications

To edit your branding, you'll need to be a License Account Manager. If you are, you'll see the gear icon in the upper right of your screen after you selected a product to view from the main Products page.

To change your branding, you can edit it on the Branding page. You can edit your:

  • Logo - We recommend a .PNG with a transparent background.
  • Primary Color - Buttons and links on public-facing views. If nothing is specified, the buttons and links will be blue.
  • Secondary Color - Background of public-facing views. If nothing is specified, the background will be light gray.

Click Save Branding to save.

Below is an example of what the branding looks like on a Public Board.

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