PMF Survey Invite Email Template

When sending an email to invite your customers to take the Product Market Fit survey, we recommend a few best practices:

  • We found we get better response if we frame the ask as a quick question vs. survey. Our survey is super short, however most surveys are long. So, referring to it as a survey can give an impression that it will take longer than it actually should.
  • We include content to let them know it's a hypothetical question and not to worry, because sometimes people have interpreted the question as a sign of going out of business.
  • We have seen higher response rates when you include the first question in the email invite.
  • Most emails are opened within 72 hours of sending them. We recommend waiting at least 3 days before sending a reminder to people who haven't opened the email.

Email Content Template


Quick question about [your company's product]


Hey [first name mail merge field],

We have a hypothetical question for you.

How would you feel if you could no longer use [your company's product]?

Don’t worry – [your company's product] isn't going anywhere. We’re just counting on your answer to help us make it better for you!

Thanks in advance!

[your name at your company's name]

Reminder Email (3 days later)

Use the same email, but update the Subject line to be:

Reminder: Quick question about [your company's product]

Configuring the Answer Links

To set up the answer links, you'll merge in the receiver's survey email link and append each answer as follows:

Very Disappointed

[survey link merge field]?disappointed=very

Somewhat Disappointed

[survey link merge field]?disappointed=somewhat

Not Disappointed

[survey link merge field]?disappointed=not

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