Run the Product Market Fit Survey

Upfocus' Product Market Fit survey method is based on three principles:

  1. Companies can objectively measure product market fit. The benchmark to beat: 40% or more of your customers indicate they'd be Very Disappointed to lose access to your product.
  2. You can improve your product market fit score by allocating development budget to:
    1. Refinement themes, which is doubling down on the main benefits of the very disappointed.
    2. Growth themes, which is making the improvements requested by the somewhat disappointed.
  3. You can improve your sales and marketing by:
    1. Emphasizing the main benefits according to your happy customers.
    2. Describe who the product is for using based on how your happy customers self-identify.

The survey itself is quite simple, and generally takes a customer under five minutes to complete.

To run the Upfocus Product Market Fit survey with your customers, you'll need to generate unique survey links, send the links to your customers, and then process their submitted responses.

Generate Product Market Fit Survey Links

When running the Product Market Fit survey, each customer receives a unique survey link (example) so they don't need to enter any personally identifiable information.

To generate the unique survey links, add customers manually or use the CSV import workflow to add customers in bulk.

You may want to capture additional customer attributes in the CSV import process too.

Once you've added your customers, click on the download icon at the bottom of the list to download the CSV of survey links.

Send Survey Links to Customers

At the moment, the best way to send the survey links to your customers is with your existing email marketing provider (Mailchimp, Intercom, ConvertKit, etc.).

First, import the CSV of survey links as custom variables in your email marketing provider. Once you've done so, you can use the survey link custom variable in the template for your email blast.

Here's an example of an email strategy you could follow.

Categorize Survey Responses into Themes

Once you've received your first set of survey responses, schedule a training session with Justin to learn how to categorize your survey responses into themes.

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